How grab images from VDR-Recordings

This is a simple program to grab jpeg images from VDR-Recordings. It’s based on and ffmain, and was design as little study to enhance XXV.

It’s used inside xxv to generated preview images of recordings.

My project vdr2jpeg has moved to ↝


  • ffmpeg-svn (tested with r9303)

ffmpeg as shared libary and with software scaler

$ cd ffmpeg && \
 ./configure --enable-shared --enable-swscaler && \
  make && \
  make install


to build, type simple

$ make all

or build with more Diagnostic

$ make all DEBUG=1

or to link vdr2jpeg static, if your want that no external libraries are needed at run-time

$ make all STATIC=1


$ vdr2jpeg
Usage: vdr2jpeg
  -r recordings    : VDR recording folder
  -f frame         : Wanted frame (resolution at PAL - 1/25s)
  -o outdirectory  : output folder
  -x 160           : scaled width of output image
  -y 120           : scaled height of output image
  -s 5000          : frame range, started at wanted frame (e.g 500 : 20s)
  -i 25            : space beetween frames at selected range (resolution at PAL - 1/25s)
  -c 5             : number of extracted frames of an recording or within the selected range 

e.g. to extract frames 5000,10000,15000 (at 3,6,9 Minutes)

$ vdr2jpeg -r /video/Auf_der_Flucht/2004-12-28.22:10.50.99.rec -f 5000 -f 10000 -f 15000

Here is a sample of advance usage. It combine the frame dump from vdr2jpeg with tools from imagemagick. This commands build a tiled image from twelve frames and add drop shadows.

$ vdr2jpeg -r /video/Auf_der_Flucht/2004-12-28.22:10.50.99.rec -f 10000 -s 30000 -c 12 -x 80
$ montage -tile 4x3 -geometry +5+5 -background transparent *.jpg tile.png
$ convert tile.png \
  -background  black  \( +clone -shadow 80x4+8+8 \) +swap \
  -background  white   -flatten \
  -depth 8  -quality 75 sample.jpg


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